Welcome to Lake Brownwood Christian Retreat

Founded in 1947, Lake Brownwood Christian Retreat was established as a Christ centered camp where both youth and adults could come for spiritual growth and fellowship. Now, more than 65 years later, we are still welcoming guests to the Retreat seeking to spend time with God, reconnect with their brothers and sisters in Christ or simply to get away from the hectic day-to-day we call life.

Situated on a peninsula overlooking beautiful Lake Brownwood in Central Texas, wonderful views abound from sunrise to sunset.   Our natural, wooded setting inspires and moves individuals to grow in their spiritual relationship. With our walking trails, prayer garden, outdoor worship area, camp fire circle, sports complex and water activities, everyone is sure to find their little piece of heaven on earth.

Located in the Heart of Texas, LBCR is within a few hours drive from most parts of the state. The Retreat of the Central Area, welcomes all denominations of Christian faith.

As you can see by clicking on the Calendar tab, LBCR fills up fast during the prime summer months.  However, LBCR can provide services year round for week long retreats, weekend programs and even single day/evening parties and events.  Keep us in mind for your corporate and private events.


Vespers is the holy place of LBCR. Groups often gather here for sunrise worship or closing praise service. Individuals love the peaceful outdoor sanctuary for quiet meditation or personal reflection.  It is a favorite  for many since it's natural setting overlooks the water and truly has one of the best views on Lake Brownwood.

The Galilee Chapel

Galilee Chapel contains one of our signature views. The large window with a beautiful stain-glass cross overlooks Lake Brownwood, creating a majestic view during worship or reflection periods. Facing east, the Chapel provides scenic sunrises perfect for early morning worship.  This room is large enough to be used for wedding ceremonies, as well as other formal gatherings.

Friendship Circle

The cross is located in the center of Lake Brownwood Christian Retreat, reminding us that Christ is at the center of all we do. Groups often gather around the Friendship Circle to open and close their camps. Through the years, it continues to be central point for campers and reminds them of the Love of Christ and how He is the center of it all.

Other Camper Favorites

The natural surroundings of LBCR offer campers a multitude of ways to relax, reflect, and enjoy nature as God intended.  The camp is nestled in a peninsula that juts into Lake Brownwood, giving campers long stretches of Lake Frontage views. Through the years, LBCR has added many sites that complement these natural surroundings.  The Fire Circle overlooks the lake and is a wonderful spot for communing with nature by day. At night, the fire crackles and roars, perfect for roasting hot dogs or S'mores, or keeping warm during the cool autumn and winter months.  Stephen's Garden is located at the south side of the camp and consists of flowers and a small man-made stream.  

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