I grew up at LBCR! Vespers still crosses my mind often, and the tears always fall.  Happy tears of course!  I can’t wait for the opportunity for my children to go.  Thanks LBCR for every memory!

Bridget R.

Sure do miss camp. Would love to see Vespers one more time and pray there before going overseas. But God is everywhere. I hope the kids continue to learn that there. It truly is a blessed place.

Stephen S.

Having been in ministry for over 10 years now, I’ve been to many camps all across America both as a camper and as a worker. Never before have I been to a place that is so filled with the love of God like LBCR is. The staff there truly care, they call you friends and they love God and love others well. What a joy it is to take our students there year after year, this camp is beautiful and the staff is more of a blessing than they will ever know. Thank you LBCR for making a difference in this world!

Tara D.